"From the minute Jasmine Jawato, Kevin Le and Barry Brannum sprung onto stage in shocking white jumpsuits, it was impossible not to fixate on their meticulous moves. Robotic, like master street poppers, yet smooth, like svelte athletes in elite training, the top form trio rendered Williamson’s clever choreography brilliantly."                                          -Neon Tommy Review 

Still is an attempt to escape, to morph into something unidentifiable while stuck – both as a necessity today and with a deep desire to find renewal.   This seemingly impossible task is taken up through various movement modalities with dynamic microscopic shifts in comportment, time, energy, and space.  

​Trophy is an immersive dance-theater project I created with experimental composer Jeepneys and  video artist Cari Ann Shim Sham. Made adaptable for white box spaces, this world of fractured landscapes and psychedelic sounds follows the pursuits of three millenial dancers in a mediatized social world.  As the dance unfolds, quotidian life dissolves into fragments of stop-n-go selfies and our protagonists are forced to contend with a reality governed by media's authority, pervasive isolation, and a gnawing pressure to exhibit their “success”.  Shim Sham mixes live action with manipulated live stream and Jeepneys provides an aural soundscape of unconventional rhythms and surreal sounds.  Combined with the choreography, the elements highlight a disjointed, but virtuosic display of contemporary life.