"Balletic quotations—arms raised high in a curved fifth en haut—cohabitate with pop culture references such as Beyoncé’s signature side-to-side neck bob and more quotidian sentiments, like waving goodbye.  To whom, or what doesn’t seem to matter, or concern us, as much as the flotsam and jetsam that accumulates in odd arrangements throughout Williamson’s tireless display of kinetic energy and range."                                                                     -Christina Campodonico, Neon Tommy



"The agile dancers artfully utilize the performance art medium to depict how the chaos of modern living distracts and agitates. Williamson's crafty, taut choreography - both moody and intense - transforms the banality of culture into something beautiful and strange."                                                    - Paul Birchall, LA Weekly

"From Williamson’s choreographic construction to the performance of the elements to the narrative undertone, it was flawless. This portion was all about strength – strength of composition, strength of technical ability, strength of character. Club dance mixed with classic grand pliés in first position; Capoeira influences fed into re-imagined renversés; and full split jetés walked alongside pedestrian tasks."                                                                               - Heather Desaulnier, SF Blog                                                                                                                                                      

"With “Trophy,” Williamson not only shows his eye for dance talent, but also his delightfully subtle sense of humor. When the dancers take dramatic bows, but with deadpan faces, or when they nonchalantly unzip their jumpsuits to reveal melodramatically metallic boxer shorts, you get the sneaking suspicion that some cryptic joke is being executed at your expense. But the prank is forgivable because Williamson has couched his punchlines in such bemusing understatements and virtuosic phrasing."                                          -Christina Campodonico, Neon Tommy