Fruit 2009

In return bodies burst in space—colliding, repelling, and circumventing one another in a postmodern vernacular that utilizes the floor, partnering, and various eclectic forms. As the dancers’ exhaust themselves in ensemble efforts and tangled pairings, solos emerge celebrating the journey back to self—and the unique potential of interdependence. Created for CSULB Dance Department. 

Still is an attempt to escape, to morph into something unidentifiable while stuck – both as a necessity today and with a deep desire to find renewal.   This seemingly impossible task is taken up through various movement modalities with dynamic microscopic shifts in comportment, time, energy, and space. 2011

return 2018

Portrait is a meditation with collaborator Erik Speth on our personal and private relationships with media.  It is a solo performance that takes places behind a scrim - where images  of the performer in real time are back projected. Audiences make decisions about how to watch the mediatized performance--looking at or through the scrim, or voyering through the foyer at the isolated dancer who interfaces with various cameras and computers. 

The Lost Boys  2013

Trophy is a dance portrait for three movement artists with performances by Barry Brannum, Jasmine Jawato, and Kevin Le.  Splintering fluid movements into still frames, they explore a gnawing pressure to exhibit success in their social mediatized lives. With an original score from experimental composer Jeepneys and atmospheric images by video artist Cari Ann Shim Sham, this evening length dance investigates tensions produced by a perpetual drive to achieve.

photo: Taso Papadakis

photo: Taso Papadakis

photo: Steven Schrieber

In Body of Ideas, I am dancing with discarded rehearsal footage from the last five years of rehearsal processes -- experimenting with how time morphs and alters memories, emotions, and thoughts. Through an ongoing sequence of improvised performances, I am archiving the shifts that happen overtime to qualities, ability, and performance of self and tracking them in relation to major life changes.  ​

photo: Taso Papadakis

Kate Hutter and Kevin Williamson direct an evening of scored improvisation and dance theater in pinky swear and PS2. In these evening length dances, commissioned by LA Contemporary Dance Company, the casts navigate absurdities of everyday life through structured improvisations that reveal humor, wit, and total physical abandon. Being that this is a highly improvised performance, the experience changes each night and is influenced by the atmosphere the dancers and audience cultivate together. Eric Mason composes and performs music live.

This site-specific dance examines how dance and culture are exhibited as live performance in relationship to object art. The dance was made outside --quotidian gestures were source material and were placed in two dimensional frames based on the works of Piet Mondrian. Dancers shift from everyday clothes to theatrical costumes and perform to music by composer Pierre Boulez.  

photo: Donna Santisi

Neanderthal versus Cyborg is a theatrical collaboration from movement artists Laurel Tentindo and Kevin Williamson. Reflecting both on modernity and modern dance, this genre-bending work is a sci-fi experiment where their two histories collide to reveal the absurd and vulnerable.  As the dance evolves, they grapple with conflicts of their different aesthetic inclinations and become responsible for making an intelligible piece out of them. Performed to an original score by composer Miguel Frasconi, the choreographers exploit one another in bizarre theatrical impulses, partnering, and improvised dance to challenge and make sense of their abstract predicament.

photo: Ryan Patterson

Masculinity and its markers inhabit this dance duet, performed by Nicholas Heitzeberg and myself. The ramped-up gestural vocabulary draws references from realms of unmitigated maleness, even as the one-on-one encounter shifts from aggression to fluidity.  The dance reveals aspects of identity that are unfixed.

photo: Taso Papadakis

photo: Leo Garcia

Into the Fray is an evening length dance work co-choreographed by artistic director of LACDC Kate Hutter and fellow company members Genevieve Carson, Erik Speth and myself.  The work focuses on impacts -- where the interpersonal and the political meet in our daily lives.  It celebrates the will to move curiously and openly with the unknown. We each worked separately with a small group of dancers and then teamed up with a choreographic partner. Each pair then traded partners and finally all four choreographers came together as a team with LACDC’s ensemble of seventeen dancers.

In Excavating Gray, we find that “gray” is where the neurotic, turbulent, and desirous person is self-sanctioned by the need to organize their space and self. To resist the liberating potential of their bodies dynamic capabilities, each performer shifts between small, repetitive actions and violent outbursts. As events unfold, the performers propel everyday gestures into compulsions that are simultaneously chaotic and self soothing. 
Fruit is an evening length dance for five dancers. A wedding is disrupted as its participants channel perverse archetypes and alter iconic symbols of heteronormativity.  Audiences are invited to participate in a subversive jaunt with the work reaching a climactic sequence of ensemble dancing and partnering - followed by an imagined ritual where the performers discover new queer relationships to them selves and others. 

Liminal Bust is an evening length dance for five performers. It grapples with states of unrest and ardor as a physical response to social media and gentrification.  In it we find a group of people waiting in a room full of clocks and chairs as they struggle to take action against their existential predicament - reading magazines, quoting movies, playing tetris with their chairs, and dancing out their boredom. The performers test each other, the audience, and themselves in this humorous dance about modernity.  

Liminal Bust 2011

Trophy 2016

Into the Fray 2014

super 2018

Inspired by research on internalized homophobia shared by men who grew up during the AIDS Crisis, this four-man cast seeks solace and liberation through physical excess.  They dance hard, spit, and partner with one another – slice their limbs through space violently one moment and sing Janet Jackson hits with irony and pathos the next.  Audiences are invited into a humorous, haunting, and cathartic portrait of an identity formed during a time of complex fears. Bay Area musical artist Jeepneys plays ringleader slamming old beats and found sound in a collage of audio-bytes and eclectic atmospheres.

Still or I've Been Choreographed 2017

Bro 2011

Body of Ideas 2015

Pinky Swear 2007, PS2 2012

Still 2017

Sprial1 is an investigation of the physical and psychic potential of bodies as they propel from a fixed point outwardly in space.  I am interested in pathways, memories, and complex relationships as they evolve in relation to the present. Seven dancers spiral through the space - colliding, repeling, and circumventing one another. They experiment with altering the intention of their dancing, their focus, and the tactility of their approach to creating relationships. It's danced to Luc Ferrari's experimental score "Presque rien avec filles" and to music by Nicolas Jaar, Leafcutter John, and Fax.  

photo: Taso Papadakis

In this evening length solo, I move atop projected images and try on former selves --examining the various ways my body has been disciplined as an expressive subject. As I morphs through quotidian actions and various dance genres, I read a letter to my idol, Janet Jackson, asking her questions about life and improvising with my own discomforts and failure. Lighting design by Carol McDowell. 

Neanderthal vs. Cyborg 2013

Spiral1 2014

super is a site-specific dance work of solos, ensemble dancing, and spoken text exploring stories and movements of heroic women. Inspired by archetypes, fearless family members, courageous teachers, and strangers who embody, thrive, reimagine, complicate, and subvert the status quo, super celebrates the full and multifaceted personalities of women who shape our lives. With original music by Anna Luisa Pestriko and performances from LA super-movers Heidi Brewer, Jen Hong, Kate Hutter, Devon Frost, Jasmine Jawato, Alexx Shilling, Alexandria Yalj, super took flight at the Brand Library & Art Center. 

Excavating Gray 2008

Portrait 2016